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Low light Security CameraThe low light security camera captures images in black and white. It has a large lens that allows it to get more light. It’s cheaper than the color security camera because it uses little light to capture good images. Infrared Security CameraThe infrared security camera has LEDs around its lens and is the best security camera system for home. The LEDs emit infrared light that’s captured by the camera. The camera captures the infrared light to see objects and living things that have a high temperature.

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Example Table

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November 28, 2011 best outdoor security camera 99 each month – very competitive with other cloud storage plans.
November 23, 2011 security systems in atlanta Our analog cameras are made with high quality color CCD sensors, and our megapixel indoor cameras use high quality megapixel CMOS sensors to provide resolutions up to 1080p and beyond.
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security systems in atlanta

These products retail for $119 and $99 respectively.

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The firm has foreign offices in Iraq, Kenya, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bahrain and the USA.

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